How to Be a Confident Woman | My Tips

03 july 2017


Hey my loves, here's another long chit chat video on being a strong, badass, confident woman. These are just my tips and the mindset I have adopted to not give a f*** of what people think of me, so you may take my advice how you like. I understand not everyone is going to think like me, but I just want to help any girls out there who want some help. I made sure to touch on topics that a lot of girls come to me for advice for. I understand some topics may be touchy, so if my opinion doesn't match up with yours, that's great! All women need to learn to think for themselves and I'm all about setting your own standard in life because it's what YOU want, and not what society wants for you. Remember, these are just my tips from my personal experience. You don't have to follow them if you don't want to!


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